Monday, July 28, 2008

Family Matters

There's been some musical stuff going on in my life lately, but I just haven't felt compelled to write, ya know? This, on the other hand, I had to share.

My step brother Dave is in Machine Head, heaviest of the heavy metal out there, as far as I am concerned. I have seen Dave play since he was 14 years old, here in San Antonio with SA Slayer, thru his time with Sacred Reich, and for the last 13 years, with MH. To my memory, this year was the first time my father- Dave's step dad- has EVER gone to see what it is Dave does, where he does it.
Mary, Dave's mom, my step mom, recently left this world, and left a big dent when she did. Her face was almost as well known in MH circles as Dave's. I even watched people on the streets recognise her, ask for autographs and to take pictures with her. I don't think though that dad will ever get quite the recognition Mary did, but at least now he knows why she came out. Dave's band mates, their crew, and the whole general bunch at the amphitheatre where they were playing this last Saturday were so cool with dad. He was very frustrated by how long it took us to get to the band's bus, but understood once he saw what it was like on the Jagermeister side of the tour
(Rockstar Mayhew tour.)

As we were leaving, dad called the whole thing a huge circus- I told him it was more like three all at once- two stages where we were, one more over the hill, and all the crew, techs, vendors, security and go-fers, the tents, the sideshows, and after a few hours, somewhere around 15000 fans.

It was a blast to get dad out there finally, and good for all of us to spend a little time together again. Mary WAS there, even if her body is gone. She lives in our heads and hearts, and inspires her son at every gig he plays, just like she did standing back by the sound booth every gig she could.

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