Monday, June 02, 2008

so Passes Another Legend>1=7702

Bo Diddley, one of the reknowned bluesmen of the world, has left us. More later, after I've had time to digest this saddening news.

sometime later:

I think I know why I haven't sat down and raved about this man's history in music.
I am tired of people dying. I remember my grandmother sitting in her home in Austin, looking about five years old, saying "All my friends are dead." Though I didn't understand then, she broke my heart in that moment. I would've given anything to take away that obvious loneliness.
Sadly now, I am starting to understand what she was talking about. I am tired of burying people, and I know as I age it will do nothing but get worse. I think what I have to try to remember is to celebrate that those people , especially to me, in the music world, got far enough out there that I got the chance to see and hear them. Their uniqueness was what has made this life so special that I should mourn a stranger so. Bo's music made him a friend, a familiar face and voice to my world.
I cannot thank him enough for all the hardship I know he faced to make that music.
I am sorry there will be no more new Bo Didley in my lifetime....but I will make SURE the next generations know about the roots of what they call their own.

Rest in Peace, Bo. I know you understand now.

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