Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy Announcement!

Oh, I have much to report as of the last few weeks, but this is by far the thing I feel I should talk about. Mark and Candy Del Castillo are proud parents yet again!
Their second shild and son, Julian, was born a bit early the other evening. He wasn't due til early November, but that's how babies are- they come when THEY are ready. The healthy mom and baby look terrific, and I suspect the whole house, not to speak of the clan, are turned a bit upside down now! me, I am just one big grin whenever I think about it. They are such sweet people, and have already got one amazing son......who knows. Maybe these brothers will also end up moving the world!

Congratuatulations to the Del Castillo family, both the recently expanded one, as well as the much larger one that covers almost coast to coast!

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