Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sonic Landscapes

I was gonna title this one "Joe Reyes: ill-equipped", after his in-the-making solo CD ('bout time, Joe!) After last evening however, I just have too much to talk about!
Plumtucker came to town, and brought a new band to the Red Room, one that has literally traveled farther than anyone so far to play our little space! Additional Moog is from the Midlands in the UK, and though they were missing their drummer Ian, I, and most of the room, were mightily impressed. To call them pop is to be unflattering. I was just moved by what I heard, and tickled that David Lutz from Plumtucker got them to come all the way to Texas to play a few gigs with him. A sweet treat on top of a night I was looking forward to. David is possessed of a tremendous, strong voice, and some real multitalent as a musician. So far, I have heard and been impressed by his bass, guitar and drum playing...where will it end?! ;) Seriously, he, and his lovely wife with him, make for some sweet singing.

And David managed to bring another gem with him: Brady Muckelroy. Some bassists are purists, believing that four strings is all they should have. Others have stretched out to 5, 6, 12......apparently, someone is trying to test the limits of infinity through the bass guitar......Brady, is one of those who pushes perimeters. He doesn't just play the bass, he paints with it. Jaco changed how I hear music. Brady is helping the world colour in the pages that Jaco left blank. This fellow is going to play the Red Room on October 20th, solo. I cannot recommend enough that all fans of music come give him a chance. If you appreciate, Jaco, Tony Levin, Stanley Clark, you will find Brady to be one of them.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you got to see Additional Moog, one of my favorite bands. I'm jealous!